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2017 LaCrosse Division 2   NOAA logo - Click to go to the NOAA homepage

Trempealeau Landing Ramp Pool #7 & Clinton St Boat Ramp Pool #8
Team $150.00

2018 Schedule

May   ---------    6   Miss Pool 7
Canceled due to flooding will pick a makeup date
all entries will move to next tournament
 ----------  17   Miss Pool 7
Aug.  ----------    5   Miss Pool 8
Aug.  ----------  26   Miss Pool 7
Sept.  ----------  23   Miss Pool 8

$150.00 Entry fee               Bonus sidepot $20.00

 2018 BWSTA Schedule          BWSTA Official Entry Form

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2018 LaCrosse Division 2

Ranger Cup Winner Andrew Heisler  $250.00 Bonus Money

Miss River Pool 7    LaCrosse Clinton St Boat Ramp   June 3, 2018      48 Fisherman   28 Boats


1st place winners Andrew Heisler and Brad Bernau, from LaCrosse, WI and Caledonia, MN, weighed in 5 fish for 16-27 Lbs winning $1,390.00, including Andrews $250.00 in Ranger Cup Bonus, $120.00 in bonus sidepot money. They fished white swim jigs in 2-5 feet of water in poll 8. Andrew is an account manager at Coca Cola. Brad owns a Bernau concrete who also sponsors them. 2nd place winners Chad Richardson and Kent Rusnak, from /Banger and Norwalk, WI, weighed in 5 fish for 15-70 Lbs winning $620.00 including $100.00 in bonus sidepot money, using black/blue swim jigs in axed edges in 2-6 feet of water. Chad is maintenance manager. Kent is a plumber. J-Mons Repair and Elk River Rods sponsor them.  3rd place winners Todd Duncan and Mike Running, from, Holmen, WI, weighed in 5 fish for 15-59 Lbs winning $500, including $100.00 in bonus sidepot money. using black/blue swim jigs, frogs and carolina rigs in 3-5 feet of water around weeds. Todd is an engineer. Mike is factory worker.  4th place winners Jeff Benson and Ron Syverson, from Holmen, WI, weighed in 5 fish for 15-31 Lbs winning $640.00, including Ron's $260.00 for big bas with a 3-93 Lb bass and $100.00 in bonus sidepot money. 5th place winner Matt Swenson and Gary Elliott, from Viroqua, WI, weighed in 5 fish for 15-04 Lbs winning $300.00, including $100.00 in bonus sidepot money. 6th place winners Chris Welch and Tyler Fitch, from Fall River and Oregon, Wi, weighed in 5 fish for 14.39 Lbs winning $310.00, including Tyler's $130.00 for second place big bass with a 3-90 Lb bass.  26 boats weighed in 127 fish for 306-84 Lbs. 21-5 fish limits. river  level 7 feet, water temp 70-75, weather sunny in the 70s. 23 teams 21 sidepot. Next tournament 6-17-18,  at Trempealeau boat ramp, check in 4:30 am at ramp.

Sponsors : Ranger Boats - Mercury - MotorGuide Ranger Cup   Please Release Me Wholesale Batteries -  Eberlin Boats & Motors  VC Marine -Dupo Marine Center - Lewis Boats & Marine Sales

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2017 LaCrosse Division 2

Top Point Team Leader

  David Cornelius & Tony Maier      541 Points   88-37 Lbs

2018 LaCrosse Division 2 Points Standings


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