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2018 Rend Division 11

Sail Boat Ramp
Team $150.00 (no late fees)

2018  Schedule

April 7 Sail Boat Ramp Canceled
working on a makeup date tba

 June   -----  16   Sail Boat Ramp
July   -----  21   Gun Creek Rp
Aug.   -----   4    Sail Boat Ramp
.  -----  15    Sail Boat Ramp

$150.00 Entry fee               Bonus sidepot $20.00

2018 BWSTA Schedule          BWSTA Official Entry Form

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2017 Rend Division 11


            Ranger Cup Winner Adam Ohms $250.00 Bonus Money

Rend Lake      Sail Boat Ramp      May 12, 2018         22  Fishermen    11 Boats


1st place winners Lucas Levanti and Lonnie Bowlin, from West Frankfort and Benton, IL, weighed in 5 fish for 12-25 Lbs winning $580.00, including $100.00 in bonus sidepot money, using black/blue jigs and white spinnerbaits around mid lake.  Lucas is a correctional officer and Lonnie is a flooring tech. Zigler Outdoors, Dunn's, VC Marine Ranger, Mercury and BWSTA sponsors them. 2nd place winners Adam Olms and Jacob Greco, from Edwardsville, Il, weighed in 5 fish for 10.75 Lbs winning $750.00, including $250.00 in Ranger Cup Bonus Money and $100.00 in bonus sidepot money. They fished green pumpkin craws in 1-2 feet of water flippin laydowns.  Adam is a Veterinarians. Jacob is an electrician. Dobyn's Rods, Heat land Veterinary hospital and Guarantee Electric sponsors them. 3rd place winners Neil McCord and Steve Sizemore, from W Frankfort and Carterville, IL, weighed in 4 fish for 9-85 Lbs winning $205.00, including Steve's $45.00 for second big bass with a 3-53 Lb bass.  Dean Cripps, from Whittington, IL, weighed in big bass with a 5-64 Lb bass winning $90.00.  7 boats weighed in 23 fish for 53-08 Lbs 3-5 fish limits. Lake level 409, water temp 73-76, weather overcast skies, temp 90. 11 Teams 10 sidepot.  Next tournament Rend  Div 11, 6-16-18 at June 16, 2018 at Sail Boat Ramp

Sponsors : Ranger Boats - Mercury - MotorGuide Ranger Cup   Please Release Me Wholesale Batteries -  Eberlin Boats & Motors  VC Marine - Dupo Marine Center - Lewis Boats & Marine Sales

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2017 Rend Division 11

Top Point Team Leader

Terry Jr & Brandon Hale       581 Points    49.26 Lbs


2018 Rend Division 11 Points Standings
click on this link for points standings  2018 Division Points

Look under DIV number to see what place you are in, if you see OP 7 that is the open division

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Rend Division 11

 Sail Boat Ramp & Gun Creek Boat Ramp  check schedule for correct ramp

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BWSTA Official Tournament Headquarters

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