We have read and understand the rules and enclose the completed application and our entry fee (see rule #3) payable to: BASS WORLD SPORTS. In signing this application, we hereby waive our legal venue, we hereby waive and release all other contestants, sponsors, and tournament officials from all claims for injury and/or damages incurred in connection with this tournament and agree to all their rules and decisions. Receipt date of entry determines starting position. Cash, check, credit card or money order must accompany this entry form to qualify for tournament entry. And that I maintain liability insurance an have verification of liability insurance on the boat I will use in this tournament, if requested by BWSTA. NO POST DATED CHECKS.

A. Boaterís Name___________________________________________Address________________________________________________


Signature__________________________________________SS#____________________________Towing Vehicle_________________


Partnerís Name___________________________________________Address_______________________________________________

City____________________________________State____________Zip____________+__________Phone_______ _________________

Signature__________________________________________SS#____________________________Towing Vehicle_________________


Tournament Lake________________________________________________Date of Tournament_________________________________

Boat________________Model____________Motor___________Year_______HP________Locator___________Trolling Motor_________

Credit Card Number_____________________________________________Expiration Date_____________Your Zip Code____________

Mail to: BASS WORLD SPORTS TOURNAMENT ASSOC. 4030 N Service Rd  St. Peters, MO 63376 Phone (636) 244-2388  Fax (636) 926-2422
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( Detach above and mail with fee ) RETAIN THESE RULES


1. RULES: The following rules for this tournament will be used. These rules will be interpreted by the Tournament Officials and all decisions are final. Any violation of these rules, Dept. of Conservation or State Water Patrol regulations shall be reason for disqualification and possibly from all future events. Failure to read these rules is no excuse. Knowledge of all BWSTA rules is your responsibility, and by signing this entry form, we hereby waive our legal venue, and agree with all BWSTA decisions.
2. ELIGIBILITY: All individuals, 18 years of age or older unless participating with a parent or guardian, and who have paid the proper entry fees. Entry form must be completely filled out and signed by both contestants. We reserve the right not to accept any entries, we feel that are not in the best interest of BWSTA.
3. ENTRY FEE: $150.00 per boat, 2 contestants per boat. Entries will be accepted up to morning of tournament. All credit card entries will be charged an additional 7% fee.
4. TOURNAMENT HOURS: Check in at 5:30 a.m. for tournament, hours will be 6:30 am (SAFE LIGHT) to 3:00 pm. We reserve the right to assign flights, change hours and tournament dates if necessary. No off limits time before tournament.|
5. TAKE-OFF: Will be in order in which entries are received. Take off will be at weigh-in site. We will have only one take off in the morning. If you come in to weigh-in a fish during the 1st weigh-in at 10:30 to 11:00 am you can weigh your fish in and leave to go back out and fish until the 2nd weigh-in time at 2:30 to 3:00 pm Red boat numbers assigned must be displayed during the tournament hours. Live-wells, life jackets and kill switches will be inspected during take-off.
6. TACKLE & EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures or baits may be used. All bass must be caught alive on a rod and reel during the tournament hours from a boat in a sporting manner. No Trolling.
7. BOATS & MOTORS: Boats 15 feet or longer, with properly working aerated live-wells and kill switch. NO AIR BOATS ALLOWED. NO OVERPOWERED BOATS ALLOWED. All boats must meet B.I.A., U.S. Coast Guard and State Water Patrol regulations.
8. SAFETY & SPORTSMANSHIP: Safe boating and fishing practices, must be observed at all times. Life jackets MUST BE WORN anytime the combustion motor is running. Kill switches MUST BE ATTACHED to driver anytime the combustion motor is running. Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. No alcoholic beverages, stimulants or depressants allowed in boats. No hole sitting or holding a fishing spot for another fishermen or contestants.
9. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Anywhere on the tournament water except within 50 yards of another contestant's boat, or the take-off area inside the marker buoys. All fishing must be done from boat. No contestant may leave the boat to land a fish and no trailering. Any rule changes at tournament site will over ride any written rule. 10. SCORING: Largemouth, Kentucky and Smallmouth Bass will be weighed. Only 2 big bass per boat may be weighed-in, at each weigh-in. All fish will be measured on a flat metal keeper board. All fish will be measured with mouth closed and with a pinched or fanned tail. No Dead fish will be allowed to be weighed in. Any boat weighing-in more then 2 fish or a dead fish will be disqualified for that weigh-in time.
11. WEIGH-IN: 1st weigh-in at 10:30 to 11:00 am and the 2nd weight-in at 2:30 to 3:00 pm. You or your partner must be in line with your fish by 11:00 am and 3:00 pm to weigh-in your fish. No fish will be weighed until start of weigh-in times started in rules. All fish weighed-in will be released before going back out for second weigh-in. (you can use your own bag)
12. PROTESTS: Must be filed in writing within 5 minutes after weigh-in and signed. Random testing may be given by tournament officials to any contestant, with or without a protests being filed.
13. TIES: Ties, will be broken by earliest entry received.
14. CHECK-IN & LATE PENALTY: No boat check-in. All fishermen weighing in fish must be in line with fish by start of weigh-in time, NO EXCEPTIONS.
15. PAYBACK: 80% Cash payback plus prizes. Cash payback will be 1 payback for every 5 boats.
16: POLYGRAPH TEST: Each contestant agrees by their signature on the application, to submit to a polygraph test. Director will determine who will take the tests. Anyone refusing to take a test will be disqualified.
17. CHALLENGE RULE: Any dead fish may be challenged, we will stop weigh-in and make every effort to determine if fish is dead.
18. TOURNAMENT MEETING: 10 minutes before take-off. We will go over the basic rules and tournament hours before take-off.
19. TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION: If canceled due to reasons of safety, high water, etc., entry fees will be transferred. NO REFUNDS.