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2012 Bass World Sports
Tournament Association Team Classic

Kentucky Lake

NOTE NEW: Only off-limit time is Oct 1st thru Oct 5th

“Off limits means you are not allowed on tournaments waters for these 5 days”.....

Pre-Tournament meeting and dinner Oct 11th at Ken Lake Tennis Center at 5:00 pm

No boats will be allowed to lock out of Kentucky Lake or Barkley Lake

October 12-13, 2012

Win One Of Three Ranger Boats

Over $130,000.00 in cash & prizes

 Tournament Headquarters

Sportsman's Lodge Motel    call 1-800-733-6716

Sportsman's Anchor Marina   1-270-354-6568  For Boat Slips

for reservations other motel

and resorts phone numbers listed below.

(Read all the information listed)

Ford Anglers of the Year Award


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Click on our sponsoring Ranger Boat Dealers for a Ranger Boat


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Letters will be mailed to qualifiers on September 10th and need to be returned
by October 5th.  Take-off is by points earned. Top point teams from each division\
will take-off first.  Any entry form received after this date will be added to he end
of pack (no exceptions) and will be last boat out.  If you think you made the classic
and have not received an entry, please call us. 314-409-9015

Pre-Tournament meeting and dinner Oct 11th at Ken Lake Tennis Center at 5:00 pm

Dinner Sponsored By


No boats will be allowed to lock out of Kentucky Lake or Barkley Lake.

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2012 BWSTA Team Classic Kentucky Lake Lodging

Sportsman’s Lodge 1-800-733-6716

Town and Country Resort 1-800-422-5253

Sportsman’s Anchor Resort 1-270-354-8493
Sportsman’s Anchor Marina 1-270-354-6568

Dinner Bell Cottages 1-270-354-6521

Lakeland Resort 1-270-474-2292

Fin N Feather 1-800-486-3961

Aurora’s Ken-Oak Resort 1-800-580-0682

High Ridge Resort 1-270-354-8989

KenLake State Resort 1-270-474-2211

Aires Castle Inn 1-270-354-5004

Azar’s Lodge 1-270-443-4594

Bel Air Motel 1-270-362-4254

Big Bear Resort 1-270-354-6414

Cedar Knob Resort 1-270-354-6998

Comfort Inn & Suites 1-270-527-5300

Days Inn 1-270-395-7162

Hester’s Resort & Marina 1-270-354-8280

Hickory Hill Resort 1-270-354-8207

nn By the Lake 1-270-362-4278

KenLake State Resort Park 1-270-474-2211

Ky Dam Village State Resort Park 1-270-362-4271

Ky Lake Resort 1-270-362-8652

Malcolm Creek Resort 1-270-354-6496

Moors Resort & Marina 1-270-362-8362

Patti’s Inn & Suites 1-270-928-2740

Seven Creeks Bed & Breakfast 1-270-205-5297

Shawnee Bay Resort 1-270-354-8360

Whispering Oaks Resort 1-270-354-6628

Cloverleaf Motel 1-270-362-4295

Colonial Motel 1-270-362-4125

Cozy Cove Waterfront Resort 1-800-467-8168

The Crow’s Nest 1-270-354-6045

Early American Motel 1-270-474-2000

Gingerwood Lodges 1-800-755-0362

Ken Bar Lodge 1-270-362-4990

Kentucky Dam Motel 1-270-395-5633

King Creek Resort 1-800-733-6710

Lakeland Resort 1-270-474-2292

Southern Komfort 1-270-354-8333

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Ranger Boats, Mercury and all our fine sponsors welcomes all
of you to this years BWSTA Team Classic.

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Click on to see Sponsors Products


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Dupo Marine Center    ~    Lewis Boats Marine Sales & Service    ~   724outdoors.com

TeleFlex / Sierra

Belleville Sport Sales   ( 618 ) 234-2063

Inland Marine  ( 636 ) 467-1100

Jet-A-Marina   ( 270 ) 395-4030

Nameoki Village Marine  ( 618 ) 931-3200  toll free  ( 618 ) 797-0004

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