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2018 BWSTA Schedule

BWSTA Official Entry Form

2018 Ranger Cup

 2017 Guys & Gals

Tournament  News

Tournament Results
Point     Standings

Bonus   Sidepot  $20.00

Ford Anglers of the Year Award

2017 BWSTA Team Classic

2016 BWSTA Team Classic
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Egypt Winter Div 15
Ozarks Winter Div 14
Egypt Winter Div 15
Newton Winter Div 17
3/17/18 HWS
Ozarks Div 1
Coffeen Winter Div 16

2017 BWSTA
Spring Classic

Lake of the Ozarks
March 29-30, 2018

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2017 BWSTA Team Classic

Letters will be mailed   2/26/18
letter must be back by   3/13/18
are you will loose your take off
spot and will be behind the last
boat of entries already received


Bass World Sports
Tournament Association

4030 N. Service Rd    St. Peters, MO 63376

Team Tournament Trail

(314) 409-9015

NEW Fax:  (636) 926-2422
Cell:  (314) 409-9015

Our newest BWSTA members New Pictures

Lewis Boats & Motors
Annual Spring Bass Tournament
Mark Twain Lake New date t/b/a
Hwy 107 Boat Ramp Hours 6:30 to 3:00
Entry fee $150.00  90% payback
Pre-tournament meeting at 5:00 pm
at County Inn Resort
Free food & soda  Attendants prizes
Call Lewis Boats at 866-949-9926 

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Looking for a Ranger Boats call our BWSTA
sponsor boat dealers list below..


2018 BWSTA Schedule          BWSTA Official Entry Form

Eberlin Boats & Motors & VC Marine
Guys & Gals 2018 Schedule


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Click on our sponsoring Ranger Boat Dealers for a Ranger Boat



Eberlin Boats and Motors and VC Marine are new Ranger Boat Dealer and are sponsors of BWSTA,  clicks on their link or   if your looking for a Ranger Boat give them a call. Eberlin Boats & Motors and VC Marine are adding $250.00 to the Ranger Cup Bonus Money Winner
if your fishing in a Ranger Boat purchased from them.

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Midwest's Leader in Team Tournaments

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Win One Of Three Ranger Boats in 2017 BWSTA Spring Classic
1st Place Winners BWSTA Team Classic Winners.
1st Place Z518 Ranger Boat Powered by Mercury worth $40,000.00


2016 BWSTA Team Classic Winners on the left side of the picture, Mike Brueggen and Jim
Caulum, from  LaCrosse and Rockland, WI, won
a 2017 Z518 Ranger Boat Powered by
a 150 Mercury Pro XS
with a MotorGuide Trolling Motor worth $40,000.00 and $3,100.00 in money.

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2nd Place Winners BWSTA Team Classic Winners.
2nd Place RT188 Ranger Boat powered by Mercury worth $30,000.00

2nd Place BWSTA Team Classic Kent Rusnak and Chad Richardson, from Tomah & Bangor, WI,
won a
2017 RT188 Ranger Boat, powered by a 60 Mercury Motor with a Motor Guide Trolling
 $30,000.00 and money.

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Draw Boat Winners won a RT178 Ranger Boat worth $10,000.00

(drawing after second day weigh-in must be present to win)

Waiting on Pictures

Boat # 17 from our Open Div 7, Randy Schanuel and Tom Jacquin, from Camdenton & Leslie, MO
won the draw boat given away as an attendance prize.   A 2017 RT178 Ranger Boat
worth $10,000.00

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2016 BWSTA Classic Ranger Cup Bonus Money Winners
includes BWSTA Free Entries for 2017

1st Place Mike Brueggen $1,500.00 2nd Place Toby Corn $1,000.00 3rd Place John Wright $500.00

2016 BWSTA Ford Truck Money Winners




1st Place Winner Hank & Barry Goen $2,000.00

2nd Place Winner Juice Wright & Donnie Dill $500.00

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2017 BWSTA Team Classic

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2016 Ranger Cup

2015 Ranger Cup

2014 Ranger Cup

2013 Ranger Cup

2012 Ranger Cup

2011 Ranger Cup

2010 Ranger Cup

2009 Ranger Cup

 2008 Ranger Cup

2007 Ranger Cup

2006 Ranger Cup


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BWSTA Official Entry Form

Tournament  News

Tournament   Results
Point     Standings

BWSTA   Sponsors

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Welcome to Bass World Sports Tournament Association, check out our 2018 schedule and win one of three Ranger Boats, at the 2018 BWSTA Team Classic.   Bass World Sports is the Midwest's Leader in Team Tournaments.

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If You Want'em to Grow, You Have To Let'em Go!

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Dupo Marine Center  618 286-5252    

  Lewis Boats Marine Sales & Service   636-949-9926


2310 Hwy 100      ( 573 ) 486-5897
Herman, MO 65041
       Ranger Boats & Mercury



3361 State Route 162         Granite City, IL 62040

Ranger Boats and Mercury Motors            ( 618 ) 709-7880


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